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Whole, Human, Healing

The process right now seems to be one of reclaiming all those ever-so-human parts of myself that Art of Living subtly urged me to deny, purge, or breathe away. Most prominent in the last couple of weeks, once the morbidity … Continue reading

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Scenes from Hamlet

Most people who take the AoL course learn some “knowledge points” which are a mix of common sense and over-generalization, do some hyperventilating, make long and embarrassing eye contact with a stranger or two and then go their merry way … Continue reading

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Well. It’s just over a month since I officially Left, and I feel lots of conflicting and confusing things now, but not one single time have I felt I made the wrong choice. I am more certain than ever that … Continue reading

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Leaving Symptoms: Binge Eating and Fear of the Void

It’s nearly two weeks since I announced to my friends and family that I’m Leaving art of living. (See, I can play the Unnecessary Capitals Game too!). In addition to lots of emotional ups and downs that I can compare … Continue reading

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What a CU*T!

Let’s talk about the C-word. C-U-L-T. Having been born into a spiritual community, I’ve always been very sensitive about the C-word. In my case one parent’s cult is another parent’s religion, and I have a hard time getting enough distance … Continue reading

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Ends Begin, Leavings Arrive

It is hard to write about the decision to leave Art of Living because I still don’t really how it happened. I don’t know why I woke up one morning this week and wrote in my journal , “it is … Continue reading

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